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We at Ishwar Raj Solution value most providing world class solar solutions to our customers. That is the reason we have partnered with most tried and trusted name TATA POWER SOLAR to sell and install the best rooftop solar solutions at reasonable prices.

Tata Power Solar is only company in India with more than 29 years of experience in Solar Power business. Tata Power Solar (TPS) is the largest integrated solar solutions provider in India. Tata Power Solar has shipped over 1.5 GW of modules globally over the past 29 years.

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Tata Power Solar


OUR DEMANDABLE Ishwar Raj solutions

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For home
  • Earn from idle rooftop space.
  • Sell excess electricity to grid.
  • Bank loan available at cheaper rate.
  • Space required for 1KVA is 100-130 sq. ft
  • Pay zero electricity bill (depends on capacity installed)
  • Subsidy available as announced by Govt. from time to time.
  • 25 years of warranty from TATA Power Solar through 24/7 call centre.
  • Payback in 6-7 years and free electricity thereafter. (after accounting avg. tariff increase)
  • In Chandigarh Gross metering also available where you sell all your electricity at almost double the price you pay per unit.
For business
  • Earn from large idle rooftop space.
  • Maintenance free system.
  • Reap accelerated depreciation benefit.
  • Control your ever increasing energy costs.
  • # 1 Industrial and Commercial rooftop solar player for 2014.
  • 1 GW of best in class Tata manufactured modules exported to Germany, U.K and Spain.
  • Among world top three solar module manufacturer with more than 25 years in industry.
  • Payback in 4-5 years (after accounting depreciation benefit and avg. projected tariff hike)

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